Tips for worry-free van hire

Our tips for worry-free van hire: what to consider before, during, and upon returning the vehicle.


1. What precautions should be taken? 

  • Sometimes size does matter... Do not underestimate the volume you need: an extra trip for a few pieces of furniture or boxes is often a waste of time and energy.
  • Do not hesitate to ask rental companies for advice.
  • Book well in advance if you are moving on a weekend, in the summer, or at the start of September.
  • Check your insurance coverage as well as that offered by the rental company.
  • Check the amount of the security deposit as well as the conditions for its return.
  • Check with the agency what documents will be required on the day you sign the rental contract.

2.When you take possession of the vehicle

  • Check the condition of the vehicle (body and tires) as well as its cleanliness. Do not hesitate to make remarks about the initial state of the vehicle and to take photos of it.
  • Check the fuel level; in principle, you should return it at the same level.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with an electric lift, ask how it operates.
  • If you are planning a long journey: test the air conditioning (or heating if you are moving to Lapland), the windshield wipers, and the car radio, it's much more fun to move with music 🙂
  • Ask what to do in case of a breakdown or accident. Who can you contact in case of a breakdown on a Sunday or in the evening?
  • Check with the rental company the type of fuel and how to open the fuel tank. It would be silly to run out of fuel!
  • Specify the place and time to return the vehicle at the end of your rental, without forgetting any possible late penalties.
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3. When you load, drive and unload the vehicle

  • Remember that you are not behind the wheel of a sports coupe, you will have much more wind resistance and blind spots than in a car.
  • Also, remember to check the height of the vehicle when you enter underground parking lots, drive on narrow streets, or pass through underpasses and small tunnels.
  • Despite your eagerness, load with common sense and logic. We advise you to start by loading appliances and large furniture that you will place at the back of the vehicle.
  • Do not hesitate to secure furniture that might move or fall.
  • Place the heaviest boxes directly on the floor and the lighter boxes on top. We advise against the "Tower of Pisa" system, very beautiful but dangerous 😉
  • Bring something to clean (broom, cloths, cleaning products).
  • Remember to take a first aid kit and something to drink... at uStock we love you in good health 😅

Happy moving. Drive safely. 

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