How to optimize your storage space

Top 10 ways to maximize your storage space

Tell me how you organize your storage unit, and I'll tell you who you are... Although there are countless ways to arrange your storage space, we provide you with the golden rules for optimizing your space:

1. You shall use all available space

Before storing your belongings, we advise you to visualize the available space and even create a quick layout sketch. Don't forget to utilize the height of the storage unit. Check the dimensions of our units

2. Disassemble anything that can be disassembled

Although it might seem tedious, it's recommended to dismantle whatever can be dismantled and gather all small parts (especially screws) in a plastic bag securely attached to the main frame with tape. Apart from saving space, you'll thank us during transportation 🙂

3. Be methodical and organized

We suggest you gather and store small items in boxes or cartons on which you label the contents. A touch of coherence will prevent you, for example, from having to play the role of a spelunker when searching for your Christmas decorations or your favorite swimsuit.

4. Place bulky items at the back of the storage unit

Unless you enjoy being a tightrope walker, bulky furniture and items are best placed at the back of the storage unit.

5. Use packing materials

Wool blankets, bubble wrap, plastic covers, and mattress covers will be the best companions for your most precious belongings.

6. Place fragile items higher up

The heavy at the bottom, the light at the top... no need to challenge this principle, we promise it doesn't work!

7. Keep important items within reach

Even if you love the Rubik's cube, it's preferable to store items you use regularly at the front of your storage space. You'll save time.

8. Leave a clear pathway

Unless you don't need access to your items during storage, we recommend leaving a narrow pathway in the center of the storage unit to access your belongings.

9. Don't bite off more than you can chew

Be careful not to overcrowd your storage space and leave enough access behind the door to avoid damaging your belongings. We have the right size of storage unit for you and will find the best solution based on your needs!

10. Keep a smile on your face

After the effort comes comfort... you'll feel at ease knowing your belongings are stored under optimal and secure conditions.

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