Why outsource your archives storage

archives entreprise stockage

As a company, you are legally obliged to keep your documents in an archive.

Storing archives can sometimes be complicated, especially when it comes to finding the right documents when you need them! Due to a lack of space, archives are often crammed together, hard to reach and sometimes stored in unsuitable rooms.

At uStock, we like to make your life easier. We have the solution to your space problems and you can rent the storage space you need in a few clicks.

Practical, economical and secure, our storage spaces are perfect for storing your archives with complete peace of mind!

What are the advantages of an outsourced storage solution?

Archives entreprise stockage

A convenient and cost-effective solution

The rental of an individual and secure storage space allows you to store your archives optimally and cost-effectively. Pick the unit size you need and pay accordingly - No application fees, taxes or additional charges.

The size of your storage space depends on the volume of documents you have to archive as well as the way you want to arrange your storage. With us, you can organize yourself as you wish and are autonomous in your management: on shelves, on pallets, in archive boxes... all that matters to us is that you have enough space to access your files easily and efficiently.

Your time is precious? This is good news as we are located just a few minutes from downtown and close to major highways. On top of that, at uStock, you can manage everything directly online using our handy smartphone app.

Better conservation of your archives in the long term

Archives, in addition to being bulky, must be kept for a specific period.

Some documents must be kept for 2 to 5 years, while others must be kept for 10 years! For this reason, it is essential to find an optimal storage solution to guarantee the good preservation of the archives in the long term. Renting a storage space at uStock allows you to archive your documents in perfect storage conditions, thanks to a controlled temperature and humidity level.

In addition, you can access your documents whenever you want with 24/7 free access, without the risk of damaging them.

Your most sensitive archives in complete security

If there is one fundamental point to consider when storing archives, it is security. To keep your documents safe, only you and the people you authorize can access your storage space. For your peace of mind, our centres are under 24-hour camera surveillance.

Choosing a storage space at uStock is therefore the assurance of quality, flexible and highly secure service.

More space in your premises

By outsourcing the storage of your archives, you can save valuable space within your premises and allocate the space thus gained to other activities with greater added value. You could, for example, create a conference room, an additional office or a relaxation area on your premises.

So why not take the step and rent your storage space from uStock today?